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Hydraulic Press

  1. Cylinder - Cylinder assembly consists of a cylinder, piston, ram, packing, and seals. Piston diameter and oil pressure determine the force (tonnage) that a given press can deliver.

  2. Frame - The main structure of the press containing the cylinder(s) and the working surfaces.

  3. Stroke Control - Stroke length can be set for any distance within the stroke limits of the cylinder. Adjustments include: top of stroke, pre-slowdown point, and bottom of stroke.

  4. Throat Clearance - The distance from the vertical centerline of the ram to the frame member behind the bed. This distance determines the largest diameter piece that can be positioned with the part centerline under the center of the ram.

  5. Daylight - The vertical clearance from the top of the bolster to the underside of the ram in its maximum up position. This term sometimes is confused with the mechanical press term "shut height". Shut height is the clearance over the bed with the ram full down. "Daylight" describes the maximum vertical capacity of the press.

  6. Bolster - A plate or structure mounted on the bed. Hydraulic press manufacturers provide a removable bolster on most models.

  7. Bed - Flat, stationary machined surface that supports the bolster or dies.

  8. Dual Palm Button Controls - A common method of actuating hydraulic presses. Both buttons must be depressed at the same time to bring the ram down requiring the operator to use both hands. Control circuits include non-repeat and anti-tie down features.

  9. Work Height - The distance from the floor to the top of the bolster.

Other hydraulic press terms

Blankholder - A control controlled force to hold the edges of the blank in deep drawing operations. Similar to a die cushion.

Die Cushion - A hydraulic or air cylinder positioned below the bolster and bed, providing uniform blank holding in deep drawing. Cushions also strip finished parts from the punch or die.

Distance Reversal Switch - An adjustable limit switch to set depth of stroke at which ram reverses.

Dwell Timer - An adjustable timer to set the length of dwell at the bottom of the stroke. The timer may be used for other functions such as timing a sequence of press movement.

Heat Exchanger - A device attached to the oil reservoir to circulate water or air to keep oil at proper operating temperature.

Knockout - A device to strip the part from the punch or die.

Platen - A plate-sometimes heated-attached to a moving or stationary press member.

Pressure Reversal Switch - An adjustable switch to set the pressure at which ram reverses.

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